Ladies and Gentlemen

The subject upon which I am to address you this evening is a very wide one. It would be quite beyond my power to review with anything like completeness a condition of things, more or less progressive, which extended over a century and a half. But I have thought that an attempt to present you with a few glimpses of the "good old times" of which our grandparents used to speak with so much feeling needed no apology from me. I would wish to recall this evening some of the incidents in the occupation of this Island by the Dutch, and endeavour to show you, as far as possible, what manner of people they were, how they lived, and how they met the demands of the age and clime in which their lot was cast. I would ask you, therefore, to bear with me while I draw from some of the sources of information available a few sketches of the life of the period,

And summon from the shadowy past
The forms that once have been.

It is a little over a hundred years since the Dutch gave over the government of this island to the British, a very short time after all in the life of a community ; yet those of us who are old enough to throw our memories sufficiently back, feel how far the "Dutch times", of which we

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